Adobe Creative cloud tutorials

The following videos are samples of my work created in Adobe Creative Cloud for the Adobe Education Exchange in efforts to promote the importance of creativity in the classroom and the impact it has outside the lecture halls. I believe that in a world of economic transformations, growing inequalities and rapid change, it is important to broaden and deepen our approach to how we interpret and improve high quality educational systems for all our students. It is essential that we all implement strategies that address local issues, that are also global in character.

One of the pioneers of this view, Sir Ken Robinson, suggests that the only way to solve these issues is to act on a global scale, collaborate across borders and learn from and with each other. It is about appreciating the process and the way how ideas evolve. He defined creativity as the "process of having original ideas that have value" and believes that creativity is easily conflated with the arts, or other terms, such as imagination and innovation. Hence, it is very important to note that creativity is not only about coming up with something new, it is also about applying critical judgment. I believe that we are all creative, as creativity isn’t the capacity to compose art but rather understand how to work with an interdisciplinary team in order to create outstanding innovations. Bringing ideas and opinions from people with diverse backgrounds can help overcome challenges in various disciplines through creativity and design thinking. We should all be focusing less on the detailed and artistic elaboration of ideas, but rather on the extensive experimentation of big ideas. It is so important to recognize that creativity is a process and not an event or something we are born with.