These textile designs were created using Lectra Kaledo Suite (specifically, Kaledo Knit and Weave), which is a complete software solution that includes tools for fashion design, color and development, as well as design assessment management. 

This collection of digital textile designs were inspired by traditional eastern European knitting. The designs combine traditional knitting techniques representing variety of shapes and forms on colorful woven fabric ready to create fashionable apparel pieces.



This is a digitally knitted fabric pattern inspired by eastern european traditional jacquard-style knitting techniques. 



This is a jacquard inspired knit, which is most recognizable by its reversibility, either because the fabrics is double-sided or because the backside diversifies from stranded knitting.



This knitted sweater design is a seamless pattern inspired by traditional Eastern European knitting. It combines unique knit techniques with colorful woven fabric to create fashionable apparel pieces.


This is a monochrome inspired textile design, which was previously hand drawn to establish an authentic ethnic pattern in tribal style.